About Mike & Kristiana

Mike and Kristiana Roe are the members of a married TV drama writing team. Like the Avengers, they combine their skills and experiences to accomplish their mission: writing great scripts. Their diversity empowers them to bring a unique voice to the page.

While Mike was being offered college admission early to skip high school in the Northwest, Kristiana was a homeschooled high schooler in the Midwest discovering her passion for writing. Mike grew up an atheist who rebelled backwards and ended up in church, while Kristiana grew up with a pastor dad. And although Mike’s multiethnic background subjected him to racist comments from small-minded religious friends, Kristiana learned about acceptance and diversity in her faith community. Their seemingly opposite experiences taught both of them to dig deeper than what’s on the surface — in life and in their writing.

They first met online after moving to L.A., but they were clearly meant to be — they discovered they already had real-life friends, and passions, in common. And as soon as Mike and Kristiana watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog together their first New Year’s Eve, both quietly singing along, the spark of their shared love for each other — and for storytelling — was ignited.

Together, Mike and Kristiana write scripts inspired by their own lives and passions, using their writing to explore the world and each other. Their pilots have been semifinalists in several competitions, most recently the CineStory TV Retreat. Writing together makes them that much more excited to write each day, and they’re driven to continue tapping into their lives to create a career of story.