We’ve written and continue to work on a variety of scripts together. If you would like to read one of our samples, please contact us.

Some of our projects include:

  • Holy Fire: Kiara Webb starts her freshman year at the University of Illinois with the help of a Christian scholarship. But her secrets — about her faith and who she really is — start catching up with her. WeScreenplay TV semifinalist; Roadmap Writers Jumpstart Top 50

  • Future Tense: Mother-daughter scientists travel to the future seeking answers to the world’s problems, but find they must save their new world from an emergency — while dealing with their own interpersonal conflict.

  • Homeschooled: Teens Mariah, Grace, and Simon struggle to adjust to their new reality when they’re pulled out of their school and put in homeschool, after Grace is terribly beaten by bullies. OBB Pilot Season semifinalist, WeScreenplay Diverse Voices semifinalist

  • This Is Us spec — “Perfect Fourth”: Kevin faces the consequences for driving under the influence; while Randall copes by getting into jazz as he honors his biological father, Kate throws herself into a vocal workshop while dealing with her own miscarriage. In the past, Jack deals with the emotional fallout of telling his sons about Vietnam. Austin Film Festival 2nd Rounder (Quarterfinalist)

  • Supergirl — “The Death of Kara Danvers”: Kara must deal with a villain whose attack on her apartment could mean they know her secret identity, while she also fights back against journalism praising anti-alien bigot Ben Lockwood.

Mike also wrote and fully staged a sitcom pilot, Student Government. Watch the full show below: